The 2022 Reno Rodeo Is Riding Into Town
The 2022 Reno Rodeo Is Riding Into Town
The annual Reno Rodeo is coming up this summer.

The Reno Rodeo will be in full swing from June 16 to 25. The 10-day event features concerts, barrel racing, bull riding, kids' sheep riding, rodeo clowns, steer decorating, a carnival, and more!


The Rodeo will officially begin on June 15th with a 7 pm concert by Justin Moore. Tickets start at $55 and are on sale now


On the 16th, the rodeo events will start! These include steer wrestling, roping, barrel racing, bull riding, wild pony races, mutton bustin’, and more. All events will take place at the Reno Livestock Event Center Outdoor Arena and Grounds. Make sure to check out the whole schedule of events here


There will be plenty of food vendors, including local restaurants, on the grounds. There will also be a Coors Bar and Jack Daniel’s Tent serving drinks late into the night.


The carnival will be open every day of the rodeo. It will start at 4 pm Monday through Friday and at noon on Saturday and Sunday. There will be amusement rides and games. You don’t have to attend the rodeo to enjoy the carnival.


Tickets for the 2022 Reno Rodeo are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased online or in-person at the Reno Rodeo Ticket Office Monday through Friday. For those that don’t attend the rodeo, but want to go to the carnival or enter the grounds, it will cost $5.

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