Take A Short Walk To Eagle Falls
Take A Short Walk To Eagle Falls
It’s a short hike to the scenic spot of Eagle Falls.

It’s a short half-mile hike to Eagle Falls, a beautiful spot with rushing waterfalls and peaks that overlook Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay.


This is a great hike for beginners or anyone who wants to take an easy path to a great view. You’ll walk through the forest, surrounded by trees, greenery, and towering mountains. This trail is a loop that takes you to the upper falls and back down. The lower falls will be back down by the parking lot on the other side of Highway 89.


After a quarter-mile, the path turns into a stone staircase. After about another quarter-mile, you’ll reach Eagle Falls, where you can rest and enjoy the view!

If you want to continue on from the falls, you can venture a little further to reach Eagle Lake. You’ll go over the bridge at the top of the falls and continue up the mountain for another half mile.


The trail will then come to a fork and you will want to go right. You’ll see the lake shortly after. It’s a short hike to even more incredible views. Plus, you can take a swim!


These are both pretty popular trails, being that they’re fairly easy to navigate. You can expect to see others along the way. It gets pretty busy in the spring after the snow has melted, and during the summer months. 


To reach these trails, head north of Lake Tahoe on Highway 89 for about 8 miles. You’ll see the Eagle Falls Picnic Area. You can park here, but there is a fee.  

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