It’s All Fun & Games At Puzzle Room Tahoe
It’s All Fun & Games At Puzzle Room Tahoe
Puzzle Room Tahoe offers several escape room experiences.

Puzzle Room Tahoe is full of escape rooms. Groups can choose from four different themes that each take an hour to complete. Come curious and ready to investigate!


Choose your adventure. Here are your options: Valley of the Kings, Below Ground, Lost Cabin, and The Bunker.


Valley of the Kings will make you explorers of a hidden ancient mummy tomb. Below Ground is a CIA mission that involves disabling a bomb in an underground mine. Lost Cabin requires you to solve a disappearance at a remote cabin. Inside the Bunker, you're a hostage trying to escape.


The Lost Cabin and The Bunker are good options for beginners. The Valley of the Kings is the most difficult room, and Below Ground is considered the most adventurous. 


These interactive experiences are $29 per person. Each one takes about an hour to solve. You and your group will always have the room to yourselves; you won't be mixed in with random people. You can book any of these escape rooms online.


Puzzle Room Tahoe has two locations near Heavenly Village. The first is at the Basement of 27 Highway 50, Stateline, NV 89449. This location has the Valley of the Kings, Lost Cabin, and Below Ground rooms. The other is just across the street at the Montbleu Resort, 55 Highway 50, Stateline NV 89449. Only The Bunker escape room is at this location. 

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