Discover Tahoe's New Hut System
Discover Tahoe's New Hut System
Need a break? Visit Tahoe’s new hut system

The family owned the private property, which included Frog lake, cliffs, and vast land acreage until about 15 years ago when they put the land in a trust. Perry Norris, former executive director of the trust says the family genuinely cherished the property and took good care of it over the years. Norris acknowledges this area as a top destination to visit, ranked against other properties he has come across during his many years working in conservation.


The huts at Frog Lake are a unique addition to the property, and they are not too far from the rest of civilization. However, the serenity of being out in the wilderness makes it feel like it is miles away from any urban setting. There is peace at the huts, which is what most people desire when they take trips to such areas. The huts officially opened doors in December 2021, a valuable addition to the already spectacular location. The site is still predominantly a wilderness with much snow in winter, but the house built by the Smiths still stands to date. 

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